Dr. Bob Beike, Church Strengthening Catalyst

A heart for the health of the local church has been at the core of my 30 plus years as church planter, pastor, and associational missionary/Church Planting Catalyst. Whether through writing, or relating to and resourcing pastors, churches and associations, I desire to be used by God as a catalyst for the strengthening of the Body of Christ.

Whether you're wondering about the next step, or wandering aimlessly, without direction, looking to fine tune what you have in place, or in need of a customized approach, I am available to provide assistance to you and your local church.

Martin Jones, Church Planting Catalyst

I have been in ministry for over 30 years as a church planter, pastor, chaplain, and regional director (Director of Missions). It has allowed me to see the church from the inside out and from the outside in.  I have noticed that  churches that are really doing good work for God’s kingdom are healthy.  Healthy organisms do two things: grow and reproduce.  Likewise, healthy Christians should produce healthy churches that both grow and reproduce.   If they don’t, something is the matter.  If a Christian is not reproducing, he is not healthy.  If a church is not reproducing, it is not healthy.  My heart’s desire is to help churches remove obstacles that prevent them from healthy reproduction in the area of church planting.  My ministry is to help churches and planters from conception through birth and beyond parenting to grand parenting. 

Jean Snyder, Association Office Manager